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High-tech Workstation divider
The bottom of this window consists of two rows of
computer memory circuits. Above them is textured
glass to allow privacy when sitting down without
totally blocking the view of the surrounding area.
Between the red jewels (added for a touch of color)
is a row of 1 inch bevels sandblasted with a 1970's
era computer paper punched tape pattern. The 3
large upper panes have a very light texture instead
of normal glass. This window is mounted against
the existing clear window.
This is one of 2 identical
windows mounted on
opposite sides of a wine
room. When inside the
room, the outside lighting
creates a soft amber glow.
When the wine room is lit,
the same effect is viewed
from the area outside the
wine room.
Privacy window in bathroom that
allows light in from adjacent hallway
This window filled a hole in the wall left behind
when an air conditioner was removed.
This window consists of colored
pieces of glass bonded to a clear
background piece. The titles of the
books were sand blasted then
painted for more contrast.
Blue Mountain Artisan Guild
Pomeroy, Washington
A double challenge: First - create three new
windows from beveled glass pieces obtained
from two old windows. Second - duplicate a
second stained glass window to create a
matched pair. The original window was
created by a local artist who was unable to
build the second one.