Curved Window Repair
Click on this image to see the process I used to repair
this curved window.
Repair Work
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An example of aged solder joints showing severe
cracking and separation.
Complete rebuild. Each
piece was 1/4" thick,
beveled. Unique filigree
buttons were a
challenge to remove and
30" X 30" Heavy window.
Click on this image for a
complete description of a leaded
glass repair process.
An unusual, very heavy, old window from a series of windows. Built entirely of
1/4" thick glass. Only the 4 center pieces are beveled. One painted piece. All
zinc metal. 28" by 52" You rarely see squared off corners such as the four
seen in these photos. This repair consisted of repairing broken solder joints,
replacing a few pieces of glass and removing the left side pieces seen in the
first photo on the left.