Providence Saint Mary Medical Center
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When Providence Saint Mary Medical Center was asked by a generous donor what project they
would like to complete, they chose to remodel their on-site chapel. The chapel was created from
a regular room on the ground floor. A massive oak frame with inserts of stained glass had
originally been built in front of existing windows and curtains. It was rather dark. They wanted to
lighten up the room. Also in the room was a stained glass window saved from the original
hospital building before it was replaced with their current building. The glass was set on an
interior wall back lit with fluorescent lights. As part of the overall design we removed the cross
from the old window and incorporated it into one of the new windows. The new windows were
designed to fit in the space of the regular room windows. We used pieces of the original oak
framing to frame in the new windows.
Old window from original building