During the remodel of their craftsman
style house, the owners wanted to
replace an old gold colored window
at the top of their stairs to the second
floor. The new window, designed by
the owners, lets more light into the
stairwell while still maintaining the
privacy of their new office built just
outside their master bedroom.
During the final phase of remodeling their home, the owners wanted
to change the design of a set of double doors separating their
bedroom and living room. They found a design in a magazine and
we adapted it to fit their doors. While not providing complete
privacy it does lead the eye to the design in the door rather that
what is behind it.
Our client presented us with a perfect opportunity to show how a custom stained glass
window could enhance the remodeling of his Craftsman style house. The previous owners
had removed a window at the bottom of an open staircase and inserted a plywood filler with
an air conditioner unit in it. Because the new owner installed central A/C, the window could
be replaced. But the new owner wanted a unique window to go with the house.
After taking a picture of the house, the symmetry of it struck me.
Why not build an image of the house into the window?!
The old window-mounted A/C unit was just
plain ugly as seen from outside.
The A/C unit was just as ugly
indoors plus it darkened  the
stairway landing and half the
living room.
The new window was much easier
on the eyes as seen from outside.
Five different textures of clear
glass were used in its construction
From the inside, the stairway
landing and the living room now
have much more natural light. The
glass textures give the new owner
complete privacy so blinds and
curtains are not needed.
During a kitchen remodel, a passageway between a side hallway and the
kitchen was eliminated. To keep natural light in the hallway, a window was left
in the new wall. There is a stairway landing in the hallway so the design,
including the large bevel in the center, allows people to look through from the
hallway into the kitchen and outdoors via the kitchen windows.
Residential Remodels
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The owner of this house had a room divider between her kitchen and living
room that consisted of 4 sliding sections containing 1950's era pressed plastic
inserts. She wanted something that would let more light through and be more
visible. We came up with a plan of a simple frame design surrounding lightly
textured center panes. The frame design maintains its "framing" whether the
sections are fully extended or collapsed over one another.