DeSales High School
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Dedication Ceremony
Blessing & Celebration
by Bishop Thomas Daly
April 29, 2018
The image of Saint Francis de Sales was painted by Kelley Moores and Jim Perry of Perry Studio in Issaquah, Washington. This particular image of the Saint was selected
because of the gentleness and beatific quality of his expression. 33" X 50"
Hours of Cleaning
Transportation - 2 at a time
The largest window over the doors represents the high school's coat of
arms (De Sales family) and the high school's motto (No more, No Less).

The logo was sand blasted into antique flashed glass. These are the two
second largest glass pieces in the project. The shield consists of both
leaded and copper foiled pieces. The rectangles in the full window are held
in place with zinc which is stronger than lead. Finally, reinforcing rebar was
attached to the back side of the window for further support.  33" X 72"
The third window with the scroll pictures a quote from St. Francis de Sales
epitomizing the school's spirit.

The quote from Saint Francis of DeSales was sand blasted then painted onto
a glass piece that gives it the look of parchment paper. This is the single
largest glass piece in the project. The medallion image was assembled
using the copper foil technique then that assembly was leaded into the full
sized window using zinc and reinforcing rebar. 33" X 50".
This project was commissioned in memory of Mary and Gerald Moore by their daughter, Jean Thomas.
This project consists of six windows installed in the main foyer of Desales High School in Walla Walla, WA.
Gold and green figure prominently reflecting the school's colors.
The medallions in the final three windows symbolize the Theological Virtues: Faith, Hope and
Charity. These qualities will serve the students well throughout school and their lives beyond.

The medallion images were created using the copper foil technique. The medallion images
were then leaded into the large windows using zinc came and reinforced with rebar. The
words "Faith", "Hope" and "Charity" are sandblasted in flashed glass. 33"X50" each