Repair of a pair of windows over 100 years old

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Two transom windows in a mansion were in
serious need of repair. They were being
held in place by boards and stuffing to keep
out the weather. Over the years, pets had
been jumping against the windows to greet
Close up view of one portion of a window.
Another close up view of deterioration..
A third view showing more damage.
After removing the windows, I made a
tracing (in the background) of one of them
and numbered all the pieces. I then
numbered the actual glass pieces
themselves then cut the whole window
After cleaning the pieces to remove the old,
hardened putty and some paint, I began the
rebuild process using all new lead came
within a zinc frame
When the re-leading and soldering was
complete, new putty was wedged into the
lead to weatherproof and solidify the
Calcium carbonate, also know as whiting, is
used to harden the putty. It also cleans the
glass and burnishes the lead in the process.
The completed windows were reinstalled
with the addition of tempered glass behind
them so future pets can jump against the
windows without harming them.